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Meet real people like you, come to Funcubes.
Participate with the unique "Trevohunt" and win an iPhone 6

You want to meet someone?

Enter a Funcube and meet "real" people.

You see the Funcubes in your city and who is currently in a Funcube. Do not hesitate to answer ...., go and get to know nice people who are, just like you, out there for the same reason.
Invite someone into a Funcube, or just chat...

...find virtual coupons in the Funcubes, redeem or pass the coupons on to someone else ..

... and what is actually "Trevohunt"...

About 6,000 Funcubes in Europe, USA, Mexico, India, Japan and South Korea ...,
at selected locations

If you found interesting people in a Funcube, you can look at "all that" from a distance at first.

Why just chat and
view photos of others?

...personal meetings can be so much nicer ...

Come into a Funcube and you will be visible for others!

There is a big difference, if you only see pictures, or if you can observe someone in a real environment.

Your options are also much greater if other can see you in real, and know that you are there for the same reason in Funcube like everyone else here.

facecube facecube facecube facecube facecube

You are soon in another city,
or will go on holiday?

..."travel" virtually into an other location, visit the Funcubes and see who else is out there.

Perhaps you can already invite someone today in a Funcube...

Experience "Augmented Reality" up close, visit our "special Funcubes".. and win an iPhone 6

"Trevohunt" comes from Treasure, Virtual Object and Hunt and means as much as looking for a treasure in form of a virtual object in the Funcubes. Find out more ....

In the "Action" Funcubes** there are events located of your city. Maybe you"ll find a VO with your mobile phone, e.g. a voucher. More...

You will find "Commercially" Funcubes*** frequently in front of attractive shops downtown and of course on your Funcube App. Go and get there and let yourself be surprised. More...

facecube facecube facecube

* "Trevohunt" is a unique "reality entertainment program". A random virtual puzzle pieces of 10 iPhone 6 are deposited in Europe Funcubes. Did you all 16 puzzle pieces of an iPhone 6 with your mobile "captured" or by exchange via app with other users in your inventory list, you get the real iPhone6 of us.
** In "Action" Funcubes offer selected local in your city "special events" such as with live music, happy hour, or ....
*** In some Funcubes be deposited by sponsors or us "virtual objects", which are coupons for free services in all most cases, for example, a drink voucher, or a coupon for a free sample or advice. About larger actions we inform you directly about the Funcube App. Have fun!

Funcube is much more...,

take your time to discover all features

Travel virtually with Funcubes in other cities, invite and "like" others,
follow, capture virtual gifts and redeem, chat with photos,
the best is that you can meet the other "Funcubers" for real.

Galleries up to 160 pictures and videos ...
Funcubes are virtual areas
with a size of approximately 60 x 60 meters.
Walking into a Funcube opens
your "Funcube radar" and you will be
visible for other Funcubers.

Remember, probably they are here
for the same reason as you ...

Find out more code all the features ....

Use your Funcubes app without limit

No hidden or additional costs, no credits for special services. 0,99 € per month, no more!


Through Funcube you reach customers in a completely new
and interesting way with unprecedented efficiency.

"Augmented Reality" is the "magic word"

Leave a giveaway or voucher in your personal "Commercially Funcube" as a virtual object
that your customers can "catch" with the Funcube App and can redeem in person at your stores.
The customer wil come to you ........ This positive experience
your customers will not be able to keep for themselves ....
Funcube - "milestone" for Marketing & Advertising

Set your label or product on "Search Focus"
of extracurricular activities of your customers.

Send a valuable object to an exciting
journey in thousands of Funcubes in Europe and make
your product or brand memorable ...

Funcube - product placement of the future ...

Talk to us, we look forward hearing from you
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  Prem Free

Views and Screens

View Near User, chat, Alias, age, distance (In the "free version" the alias is A *** Z) *
See personal galleries of other users (photos / videos) and user details, like, chat -
View Near Funcubes and switch to Funcube Gallery
Show Funcubes in "Map Screen" and switch to Funcube Gallery
Viewing users in the selected Funcube
Funcubes Gallery - Chat an like with selected users
See status symbol of other users (Single, looking for friendship, activity, culture, travel, ....)
Visitors List - Visitors of my profile (In the "free version", the profile pictures blurry) *
Displaying if the visitor also has liked your profile
Display my followers and friends

Funcubes Radar

When entering a Funcube the Funcube Radar is automatically displayed
View User in environment of approximately 60 x 60 meters with "live tracking"
View thumbnails of the premium user when tapping
View thumbnails of Premium User in Radar Screen
Chat and like with User in a Funcube


Has a visitor been visiting your profile and like you, you can invite him
Invite users from different views on a Funcube -
Invite users to Funcube from personal contacts
Invite user in the Funcube gallery with "frog" symbol -


Recieve Push messages if there is an virtual object in a Funcube near you
Receive push messages if someone invites or has visited your profile
Chat with Fotos
Comment Gallery photos and videos with Smileys Gallery photos
"Post" Gallery photos and videos with Smileys

"Change Location"

Exchange via the app your location and travel "virtually" to other cities or countries

"Visit Points" - Counter for Funcubes Visits

When entering a Funcubes you get automatically a Visit Point
The more Visit Points you have, the higher up you will appear in the lists

Validated Profile

Automated verification process with snapshot Selfie and ID


Has a visitor has like your profile and you the visitors, you have a "match" -

Augmented Reality

Trevohunt - Participation in sponsored campaigns (Start campaign Funcube, found 10 x iPhone 6) -
Viewing "Action" and "Commercially" Funcubes -
Viewing Funcube details, hints of the sponsor -
Upon entering the "special" Funcubes, find and deposit of (VO) virtual objects (vouchers, etc.) -
Save the VO in your inventory Gallery -
Give a VO to another user as a Gift, or give back to an any Funcube -
Redeem a VO at a Sponsor -
Displaying the "Action" or "Commercially" Funcubes in a Map Screen -
In Funcube Gallery screen displaying, whether in this Funcube a virtual object (VO) is hidden. -

* partially available